Prof. Peiheng WU
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Recently interested in terahertz science and technology, as well as quantum computation, all based on superconducting devices. Prof. Wu is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Vice Chairman of its Information Science and Technology Division.

Long engaged in research on superconductive electronics, Prof. Wu enjoys international reputation as a universally acknowledged team leader in the field. He has won several awards including National Science and Technology Conference Award (1978), third prize of National Award for Natural Science (1989) and First Prize of Jiangsu Award for Science and Technology (2010), and published over 300 papers as well as four books and translated works. In addition, he has been honored as “National Excellent Teacher” and “Young or Middle-Aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions to the Nation”. Working in the forefront of teaching, Prof. Wu has greatly contributed to research and education.