How to apply on-campus accommodation?   

You have to apply on-campus accommodation due to the limited spots of student dormitories. Please download the Accommodation Application Form from the following website:   

Please be well noted that:

1. Please email the filled Accommodation Application Form before October 30th (For spring semester) or April 30th (For fall Semester) to your coordinator with the other application materials.

2. Reservation cannot be cancelled once you submit the application form. 

3. Applications overdue won’t be considered.  

4. NJU will assign students’ accommodation according to applications, students are not permitted to change rooms on their wills.



Be sure to take enough amount of RMB in cash with you. In NJU campuses, your shopping in supermarkets, food and drink in canteens, and so on could only be done by cash. Credit card could not be used in Campuses.


Weather and Clothing   

The average temperature in Nanjing in February is between 4-5°C, but it is possible that it could drop to below 0°C. It is advisable that you bring warm clothing that can be layered, such as shirts and sweaters, and a warm jacket. It may be wise to bring along a wind-and water-proof jacket, in case there may be rainy days.