Application Materials   

A: Official English transcript from home university; 

B: A copy of passport photo page; 

C: Portrait photo of electronic edition; 

Requirements of Photo:  

Photo format: .JPG File  

Photo size: Length: Width = 3:4  

Electronic file size: between 50KB and 500KB  

Background color: light color  

Please indicate your full name as the title of your photo.  

D: A certificate of Language Proficiency; 

--- HSK 5 or above -For students who would like to choose Chinese-taught courses

--- IELTS 6 / TOEFL 70 or Testament of home institution stating that the student is proficient in English if no IELTS/TOEFL test scores are available. - For students who would like to choose English-taught courses 

E: Filled Accommodation Application Form 

Download website: 

F: Physical Examination Record for Foreigner  

(You could download the form from this webiste:

(for students who apply for one academic year’s exchange ONLY) 

Please make sure to have the hospital where you do the examination stamped on your photo on the cover page of the report.